Why Lori Tyrrell Considered Wearing Boots All Summer

Great real life story about a little man and his growing unconscious bias as observed by his awesome Mum, Lori.

From Lori Tyrrell:

Today, my 2 year old son voiced his first comprehension of gender differences based on an observation about clothing. We were putting on his boots and he said, “girls don’t wear boots, only boys”. Considering I wear boots almost exclusively through winter, and see us as role model parents when it comes to demonstrating equality between men and women, I was wildly curious about his comment.

”Why do you think that Baby Saxon?” He replied, because “I am a boy and I wear boots”. Now his answer may seem very elementary, but given my learning in this area, I recognized it as a quite a poignant demonstration of how our unconscious bias forms, and how early in life it starts.

Unconscious bias exists in all of us, cemented deep in our psyche, formed and molded throughout our entire lives by our personal experiences and influences, possibly even…

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