FIFO wife: What a FIFO camp is really like…..

Hi Amanda, I’ve work as a recruitment manager in this industry and your blog hits the nail on the head. It’s one I’ll certainly be promoting to those people coming into FIFO for the first time. I look forward to more posts. Keep up the great work.

bigger than the moon

Whenever I have spoken to Mr FIFO husband on the phone I have always simply imagined where he may be; what his room must look like, and what it’s like around him. When I am eating dinner with our two crazy boys I have always imagined where and what he might be having for dinner.  When he would say he was just walking to do his washing I would picture a Laundromat packed with guys in fluorescent shirts jamming a weeks’ worth of whites and coloureds together with a sporadic amount of laundry detergent to just ‘get the job done’. So when the girls from My FIFO Family emailed me and asked me to attend a health and wellness expo with them on a FIFO camp I jumped at the opportunity to just for a few days at least walk in my husband’s shoes.

The experience began the moment I jumped into my car leaving my children in the capable hands of a grandparent and took the…

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First and foremost I am a proud Family man who enjoys far too many things life has to offer. I am as passionate about my football (Australian Football that is), as I am about the world with which we live in. I have an opinion which likes to be heard, I cook a mean steak on the BBQ, and I am a hopeless drinker - ask anyone. Have travelled to a few places and just love Canada. Note: This personal blog and the contents contained within it are my own personal views and opinions, and not those of my employer.

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